SLO Down Wines

Counter-culture marketing bringing a unique brand to an entrenched industry with surprising results.


In a competitive and stodgy marketplace, SLO Down Wines stands out with their brazen attitude. Considering their products have names like “Broken Dreams” and “Sexual Chocolate”, their marketing materials needed to be something as bold as their brand.


Employing the tagline “Goes Great With”, the website suggests pairings that go way beyond cheese and crackers.  Things like naked cherubs, bachelorhood, unicorn daydreams, pool boys, coworkers, chaffing, and post-collegiate experimentation. You get the picture.


Having such an unconventional client is a dream opportunity. Seriously, who gets the chance to design a suite of logos that includes skateboards, cassette tapes, and bison?



SLO Down Wines goes great with or without pants.  Its seriously good wine that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The video spots were created featuring an underwear-clad co-founder who suggests pairing their wine with threesomes, copious amounts of weed and dominatrixes.


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