Generation Tux

The tuxedo rental business gets a head-to-toe make-over.


While at Cibo I led the strategy, UX/IxD and brand experience for the startup Generation Tux.

When former Men’s Wearhouse founder George Zimmer came to us, he had an idea — transform the tux rental experience by removing the stress from start to finish. Like most startups, George had a tight timeline and a tighter budget. With a hands-on approach to design, a hybrid background in brand and UX/IxD, and a small but talented team, I helped take Generation Tux from idea to thriving business.

Most tux rentals require multiple store visits, and are plagued by ill-fitting and outdated products. Thanks to our ridiculously simple online video tutorials (by Heist) and measurement app, getting fit for a tuxedo rental has never been easier or more accurate. I guarantee it!  


With Generation Tux the customer experience is paramount, and their entire platform is geared to simplify every step of the process from visualizing styles and color choices to managing large groups and events. When a groom wants to coordinate his groomsmen’s tuxedo rental, he simply creates an event and invites his friends to be a part of it. From there, the groom can select a “look,” or basic tuxedo design, either from scratch or from a series of curated designs and everyone in the party can input their individual choices for a customized look. They can mix and match components from shoes to cufflinks and everything in between, visualizing their wardrobe as it comes together. Once they have the perfect outfit, they can rent it for $150 or less. Group reminders, alerts and payment options means less stress for the bride and groom.

Although the user experience feels simple on the front-end, it's possibly the most sophisticated and complex shopping cart experience ever created.



Guaranteed fit, exclusive designs, simplicity in ordering, price, measurements and shipping – these things had to be flawless. These "brilliant basics" combined with the "magic touches" are what put Generation Tux in a class of it's own. To make customers feel special we created surprise and delight moments like dropping a note in the pocket of the jacket with toast ideas or a best man checklist, adding a small batch whiskey, or a shaving kit to the tux delivery.

We created a comprehensive brand guideline book to help Generation Tux live the brand everyday and deliver on their brand promise.


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