adidas - miCoach

UX/IxD for a ground-breaking mobile coaching & training system.


With miCoach, adidas entered the ultra-competetive world of mobile fitness training systems.  The new application needed a responsive intuitive user experience design that focused on their main differentiator - interactive real-time coaching.

A simple interface design serves up complex information in easy-to-digest bites turning your phone into an interactive personalized training coach for both cardio- and strength-training. 


A complex data-driven app needs an intuitive mobile design. The visual dashboard easily allows you to set and track progress toward your personal goals, gives you advice from top adidas coaches, including customized GPS-triggered voice cues from athletes including David Beckham and Olympic medalist Ejegayehu Dibaba.


The application design seamlessly integrates a heart rate monitor, personalized and sports-specific training plans, workout calendars, and workout feedback. The app also syncs with the adidas running Facebook app to document and share your training progress. 


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