Partnership For Drug-Free Kids

How do you turn teens off abusing cough syrup, while not turning them onto Robotripping?


Abuse of cough syrup is on the rise among teenagers. Thousands of teens on Facebook list "Robotripping" as one of their Interests. Instead of trying to curb that trend by creating preachy ads, we decided to reach them through an intense peer-to-peer social campaign.

The Sipitup Facebook Connect app scrapes the viewer's Facebook profile and uses Google Street View to deliver a personalized Robotrip. Experience it for yourself (The app does not store any information or post anything on your behalf.) 


A teen wakes up, shaky, disoriented, covered in blood and vomit. The last thing he remembers is slamming a bottle of DXM cough syrup (robo-tripping) in a pre-party binge. An urgent text message sends him to his Facebook page, where the night’s carnage plays out across his timeline – photos of puke-splattered cars and toilets framed by appalled comments from assorted friends. Bits of the wild night return to the teen in fragmented memories: stumbling, puking, and the angry reactions of his peers.

As if the immersive Facebook experience wasn't scary enough, the work included real testimonials from former addicts.


The accompanying site contains resources for anyone battling addiction as well as for the people who love them.  


Results exceeded all client expectations raising social disapproval of DXM abuse through the roof amongst teens most at risk.


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